About Us

Ensconced in the maze of by-lanes in the heart of Mumbai is Tip Top Point, a treasure hold of India’s most extraordinary bindies, bangles,and fashion jewellery.Tip Top Point offers a staggering range of accessories both ethnic and contemporary to the discerning fashionistas .
Earrings, Necklace Sets, Armbands, bangles, Finger Rings, Nose Rings, Waist Belts , Key Holders and Anklets- practically vie for your eye at this colorful store full of surprisingly affordable finery that looks very close to the real thing!
Apart from the available array of selection You can also get Your Jewellery, Bindies and other such Accessories custom-made to match your wedding outfit detail by detail.
The collection in American Diamonds, Kundan and Vilandi Jewellery has national and international clients, especially from USA, UK, Indonesia, South Africa & many countries.
Tip Top accessories are sported by the who’s who of both Bollywood along with Tellywood and many times becomes the mainstay of many trends set by the celebrities; thus followed closely by the masses!”
Tip Top point has moved from keeping up with the style to creating Its own style and trend forecasting